Celebration event in honour of Johan van Benthem

Friday September 26

Friday September 26: Logic for Everyone

Venue: Aula Oude Lutherse kerk, Singel 411, Amsterdam

Friday September 26 will bring us lectures on the impact of logic by five internationally renowned speakers who all have made significant contributions to general public
awareness of logic, and to the development of areas of logic related to the interests of
Johan van Benthem. The talks will be accessible to a broad audience.



Chair: Jan van Eijck
Hans Kamp
Logic Now and Then (pdf)
Fenrong Liu
Logic in the Facebook Age (pdf)
John Perry
Knowing About Things (pdf)
Coffee/Tea Break  
Chair: Sonja Smets
Vincent Hendricks
This is how we do it! Logic and Information van Benthem-style (pptx)
Peter Gaerdenfors
From Communication to Logic (ppt)
Chair: Yde Venema
15.00-15.10   Introduction by Yde Venema   Address by Louise Gunning-Schepers, president Executive Board of the University of Amsterdam
15.20-16.05   Valedictory Lecture of Johan van Benthem (pdf)
16.05-17.00   Book presentation by the editors Alexandru Baltag and Sonja Smets
17.00-18.30   Reception