Where Do Logic and Computer Vision Meet?

Marco Aiello and Arnold Smeulders

Faculty of WINS
Department of Computer Science & Logic
University of Amsterdam
Kruislaan 413
1098 SJ Amsterdam
aiellom@wins.uva.nl, http://www.wins.uva.nl/~aiellom
smeulders@wins.uva.nl, http://www.wins.uva.nl/~smeulder


In this position paper, after giving a short overview of computer vision, we argue for the need of considering applications while devising theories that deal with space. We present the spatial coherence constraint, which is imposed by nature on vision. Finally, we suggest a possible bridge to connect computer vision with spatial reasoning.

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Johan and Marco at Henry  Coe National Park (June '99)
Arnold (right picture © Peter van Emde Boas) 
Throughout this book most of the qualities that make Johan a unique and exceptional man become evident. But one is still to be discovered. His abilities as a classical dancer.
Here, Johan in a step of the famous Oreo Dance.

Johan and Maria (Aloni), planning and planning and planning. 
How many *miles* will they cover?

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Wan (Fokkink), Maria (Aloni), Johan and Rob (van Glabbeek).