Carlos Eduardo Areces, PhD Student. ILLC, UvA

Fragmentary Memories

Carlos Areces

Institute for Logic, Language and Computation
University of Amsterdam
Plantage Muidergracht 24, 1018 TV Amsterdam,


The modern approach to modal logics views them as particular fragments of first-order logic, which enjoy nice properties like decidability, low complexity, interpolation, etc. If we take this idea seriously, we can actually use modal logics to capture interesting fragments. In this note we will study one such fragments, the set of formulas which are invariant under generated submodels. It will turn out to coincide precisely with a beautiful modal logic wich goes under the strange name of .

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Writing the original paper from which the main results in the note I'm contributing are drawn was both extremely interesting and lots of fun. I thank Patrick Blackburn and Maarten Marx for all the things I've learnt and I'm learning from them. I know they are more than happy that part of our joint work is included in this book to celebrate Professor Johan van Benthem's 50th birthday.
Fragments of Argentina
After writing ``Fragmentary Memories'' for this volume, I started to think on what else I might contribute. After a while, I just came again to the idea of fragments and memories.

I carry with me many memories of my family, my friends and my country, now thousands of kilometers away. Perhaps I could try and capture, in the pictures you are now seeing on the right, some of these fragments of Argentina I carry with me?

I thank Eduardo Fermé for help in processing the images.