Pragmatics (to a First Approximation)

David Beaver

Department of Linguistics,
Building 460,
Stanford University
CA 94305-2150


In this paper, pragmatics is redefined.

Further Information

Johan van Benthem has been one of few constant factors in my academic life over the last few years. Whether I am in Amsterdam or Stanford, Johan is intellectually, and often physically present. And in both locations he has been one of my greatest sources of inspiration and support. This support has consisted in part of kind, intelligent words, conveyed in a manner that always leaves me trying to peer through his spectacles in an effort to see the twinkle that I know is in his eyes. But it also consists of extensive comments on any paper or chapter I have given him (independently of him never having supervised me in any official capacity). These comments are sent or given in a very personal font well known to an amazingly large and varied community of scholars, a font affectionately known as van-Benthem-10-point.

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