How to use this CD-ROM

The most straightforward way to start using this CD-ROM is to open the file index.html in the top directory (or folder) of this CD-ROM with your favorite web browser such as Netscape Navigator (or Netscape Communicator) or Internet Explorer.

System requirements

We recommend that you use Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer versions 4.0 or later. To explore Johan's Worlds, you need a browser that can handle JavaScript 1.1.

How to view and print the contributions

Nearly all contributions to this CD-ROM are availabe in three different formats. If you do not have readers for any of the above formats installed on your computer, we recommend using PDF; it is free and very reliable. You can download the latest version of the Acrobat Reader from Adobe's web site.

Note that all text is hyperlinked: this means that if you use a suitable reader for any of the above formats, you can navigate through them as you would through a web page such as this one.