When we don't know what things mean!

by Jan Jaspars

WINS, UvA, Pl. Muidergr. 24, NL-1018 TV Amsterdam, Holland

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A cocktail paper on the occasion of the 50th birthday of my 'Doktervater'. Johan, cheers!
Modeling human reasoning requires representation of underspecified information, i.e., information which cannot be precisely specified by a single logical description. The question arises what the underlying logic of multiple logical interpretations is. Power logics! But how? I discuss and investigate different possibilities (happy ending included).

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The work reported here was mainly developed during two visits to the University of the Saarland, Federal Republic of Germany (1996, 1999). I want to thank my colleagues there, and also Reinhard Muskens and Jan van Eijck, for their help and inspiration. The paper is a short summary. More information on the topic can be found on my Saarbrücken Notizen page.
Picture © Rosa, Völklinger Hütte, 1999.