List of Contributors


List of Contributions

Marco Aiello and Arnold Smeulders
Where Do Logic and Computer Vision Meet?

Atocha Aliseda
The Theory of Suppositio in the Mexican Golden Age

Hajnal Andréka, Judit X. Madarász, and István Németi
Logical Analysis of Special Relativity Theory

Krzysztof R. Apt
A Logical Analysis of Boolean Constraints

Carlos Areces
Fragmentary Memories

Carlos Areces, Christof Monz, Hans de Nivelle, and Maarten de Rijke
The Guarded Fragment: Ins and Outs

Bruno Barcellan and Alberto Zanardo
Actual Futures in Peircean Branching-Time Logic

David Beaver
Pragmatics (to a First Approximation)

Patrick Blackburn
From Gabbay-Style Rules to Labelled Deduction

Giacomo Bonanno and Klaus Nehring
Varieties of Interpersonal Compatibility of Beliefs

Chris Brink and Katarina Britz
A Note on Truthlikeness and Irrelevance

Bob Carpenter
The Turing Completeness of Multimodal Categorial Grammars

Giovanna Cepparello

Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara and Roberto Giuntini
Quantum Logic, Quantum Histories and Quantum Turing Machines

Giovanna D'Agostino, Angelo Montanari, and Alberto Policriti
Modal Logic and Set Theory: a Set-Theoretic Interpretation of Modal Logic

Giovanna D'Agostino and Albert Visser
On Non-Well-founded Multisets: Scott Collapse in the Multiworld

Paul Dekker
Some Logic in Communication

Stéphane Demri, Ewa Orlowska and Dimiter Vakarelov
Indiscernibility and Complementarity Relations in Information Systems

Kees Doets
Three Old Pieces

Job van Eck
Plato's Analysis of Falsity. A Landmark in the History of Logical Analysis

Frans H. van Eemeren and Rob Grootendorst
The Fallacies of Composition and Division

Jan van Eijck
Powering Decision Machines With Dynamo

Thomas Eiter, Nicola Leone and David Pearce
Assumption Sets for Extended Logic Programs

Peter van Emde Boas and Evert van Emde Boas
The Game of Chaos

Solomon Feferman
Ah, Chu!

Jens Erik Fenstad
Why Grammar Needs Geometry More Than Lambda-Terms

Dov Gabbay, Odinaldo Rodrigues and Alessandra Russo
Revision by Translation (short version)

Jelle Gerbrandy en Anne-Marie Mineur
Logici, een Nieuwe Mensensoort. Een Interview met Johan van Benthem

Robert Goldblatt
Reflections on a Proof of Elementarity

Valentin Goranko
Logical Topologies and Semantic Completeness

Erich Grädel
The Decidability of Guarded Fixed Point Logic

Edith Hemaspaandra
The Complexity of Poor Man's Logic

Herman Hendriks
Encoding Atomic Categories: Rendering It Strictly Directed

L.O. Hertzberger
The Importance of Modeling for Computational Science

Robin Hirsch and Ian Hodkinson
Synthesising Axioms by Games

Wilfrid Hodges
A Formality

Wiebe van der Hoek and John-Jules Meyer
A Postscript to a Completeness Proof for Johan

Jack Hoeksema
Blocking Effects and Polarity Sensitivity

Eva Hoogland, Maarten Marx and Martin Otto
Beth Definability in the Guarded Fragment

David Israel
Interpretation of Discourse and Proof Theory: Questions and Directions

Theo M.V. Janssen
Historical Mistakes. Comments on the Fregean Revolution in Philosophy of Language

Jan Jaspars
Power Logics. When We Don't Know What Things Mean

Dick de Jongh and Frank Veltman
The Modal Completeness of ILW

Anne Kaldewaij
Programming and Reasoning

Makoto Kanazawa
Lambek Calculus: Recognizing Power and Complexity

Edward L. Keenan
Determiners, Adjectives and a Query of van Benthem's

Erik C.W. Krabbe
Profiles of Dialogue

Theo A.F. Kuipers
The Logic of Progress in Nomological, Design, and Explicative Research

Erik-Jan van der Linden
Why Do Idioms Occur in Natural Languages?

María Manzano and Antonia Huertas
A Fashionable Partial and Heterogeneous Mirror for Modality

Maarten Marx
Taming First Order Logic: Relating the Semantic and the Syntactic Approach

Alice G.B. ter Meulen
As Time Goes By... Representing Ordinary English Reasoning in Time About Time

Sjaak de Mey
On Aspectuality

Wilfried Meyer Viol
Parsing as Sequential Construction of Normal Forms

Szabolcs Mikulás
Mosaic for Product

G. Mints
Interpolation Theorems for Intuitionistic Predicate Logic

Angelo Montanari, Adriano Peron, and Alberto Policriti
The Way to Go: Multi-Level Temporal Logics

Michael Moortgat
Meaningful Patterns

Lawrence S. Moss
From Hypersets to Kripke Models in Logics of Announcements

Reinhard Muskens
Talking about Trees and Truth-Conditions

Laxmi Parida, Rohit Parikh and Vaughan Pratt
Sock Sorting

Rohit Parikh
D-Structures and their Semantics

Barbara H. Partee
Weak NP's in HAVE Sentences

Marc Pauly
Game Constructions that Are Safe for Bisimulation

Gerard R. Renardel de Lavalette
Memories and Knowledge Games

Hans Rott
Moody Conditionals: Hamburgers, Switches, and the Tragic Death of an American President

Víctor Sánchez-Valencia
A Semantic Fact about Spanish Quantification

Valentin Shehtman
On Strong Neighbourhood Completeness of Modal and Intermediate Propositional Logics (Part II)

Jörg Siekmann, Michael Kohlhase, and Erica Melis
OMEGA -- A Mathematical Assistant System

Keith Stenning and Michiel van Lambalgen
Is Psychology Hard or Impossible? Reflections on the Conditional.

Martin Stokhof
Could Semantics Be Something Else? Philosophical Challenges for Formal Semantics

Henriëtte de Swart
Negation and Negative Concord in a Polyadic Quantification Framework

Elias Thijsse
Logic, Belief and Language.
Some Small Gifts for Johan van Benthem on the Occasion of his 50th Birthday

Hans-Joerg Tiede
Counting the Number of Proofs in the Commutative Lambek Calculus

Leendert W.N. van der Torre and Yao-Hua Tan
An Update Semantics for Prima Facie Obligations

A.S. Troelstra and P. van Ulsen
The Discovery of E.W. Beth's Semantics for Intuitionistic Logic

Yde Venema
Model Definability, Purely Modal

Henk Verkuyl
Events or Indices

Paul Vitányi
Tolstoy's Mathematics in ``War and Peace''

Heinrich Wansing
Obligations, Authorities, and History Dependence

Dag Westerståhl
Idioms and Compositionality